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I just discovered that Venmo has a right nag of nearby and recent connections. Sometimes I love how you can discover this kind of functionality on mobile — a mouse and keyboard doesn’t leave much room for serendipity. But when this functionality is important (and it is!), I fear that these hidden nav are totally unworkable for most users … particularly those who aren’t regular users of the app.



I’m a senior product manager for OpenTable’s consumer products. I focus on major features, including our loyalty program, diner profiles, social integrations, and new business exploration.


2 thoughts on “Venmo’s hidden right nav

  1. Thanks for sharing this Miles! We’re working on discoverability of the people drawer.

    Currently, it will auto-open the drawer when you first enable Nearby Payments and when you first detect a nearby user.

    We’ll introduce further education soon 🙂

    Keep Venmo-ing!

  2. Judging from reviews of the PayPal app, they have discoverability issues with their two-faced design approach (design vs. local), even with education. I’m not sure education the first time someone launches the app is enough — I’m going to guess that most of your users use the app

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