Network Graph

I’ve been a long-time user of LinkedIn’s InMaps tool. You can see the evolution of my social graph on this page.

Unfortunately this tool has been discontinued by LinkedIn.


  • I’m an avid traveller, and to keep track of my journeys since 2009, I’ve put together a Google Map showing where I’ve been.
  • I’ve gone diving every year for over a decade. You can find a mostly-complete list of my dives here.
  • I’m also an avid skier and music fan, and I’ve tracked my concerts and ski mountains.

Food & Drink

I aspire to constantly try new things, particular for food and drink! I’ve kept rough track of the wine varietals I’ve tasted (finally earning a Wine Century).

I also occasionally review places on Yelp.

Reading & Writing

I track (and occasionally review) books on Goodreads. You can see many of the books I’ve read there. I also read a very large number of feeds via Feedly and Reeder. I have an occasionally updated link roll here.

I’ve written for The Daily Gazette, OpenTable, and a number of other publications too.